Our new teachers

We are very happy to introduce you to our new teachers at TuTo Primary School:

Cissy Nakabiri is the class teacher of our first grade. The 25-year-old is our language expert, because she speaks English and Luganda ( teaching language) as well as the locally common Lusoga. Cissy will also take over a few subjects in the second grade. The mother of a two-year-old son is specialised in teaching primary school classes.

Mercy Awor is a successful graduate of Kyambogo University and teaches the second grade at TuTo Primary School. 21-year-old Mercy started teaching at Karibu International School right after graduation and has been a teacher for over three years despite her young age.

Atiya Kagoya has been in charge of the top class at TuTo Primary School since January 2022. The 31-year-old teacher has three years of teaching experience. The mother of two also holds a certificate in Early Childhood Development (ECD) from Makerere University.

Our three new teachers support each other and form a perfect team that provides our students with an excellent educational foundation with lots of empathy and expertise. We are very proud to have such great women at our school.

Back to school

We are very happy to inform you that in the mid of January 2022 all schools in Uganda have been reopened after 83 weeks of lockdown. Most of our students were very excited about the return to school.

Unfortunately, not everything went without problems and a few of our students dropped out of the program or have to take a break until they can go back to school; because some of the girls get married or become mothers. Some still needed some convincing, also their parents and guardians. Thanks to the great efforts of the TuTo Uganda team, the return to the schools could be arranged without any big problems.

The TuTo Junior School was also able to reopen on January 10, 2022, and also started new with the first two primary school classes (primary one and two). A total of 88 students are now attending our TuTo school. Three new teachers, Ms. Mercy Awor Ms. Cissy Nakabiri and Ms Atiya Kagoya  have been hired for our school and we would like to introduce them to you in the following article Link.

All children and young people have grown taller, older and more mature over time. The government therefore ordered automatic promotion for all students to the next higher class. The reason given for this was to compensate the students for the two lost Corona years. This is of course a big challenge for teachers as well as for the students.

Here you can find some pictures about the return to school.

Cooperation on every level: TuTo Nairika Parents’ Association

In 2017 two dedicated parents (Mr. Ngobi Constantine and Mr. Lukongwa Fred) founded the “TuTo Nairika Parents’ Association”. Independently organized and highly committed there are already 43 parents that joined the association. Membership is open to all TuTo parents from Nairika and all members have become active in a variety of ways: 

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Wir stellen vor: unsere neue Buchhalterin – Sharon Mbakire


We are very happy to introduce you to our new head of bookkeeping at TuTo Uganda:

Sharon has already started her job at TuTo Uganda in January 2021. She is 25 years old and graduated from Makerere University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. 

Sharon brings a lot of experience and joy to her work. She has previously worked for various companies and organisations and has also volunteered as an accountant for charity organisations. A great demonstration that she also enjoys her profession besides her work.

Her versatile knowledge in different business areas makes her a flexible employee who can take on a wide variety of tasks at TuTo Uganda.

Sharon is loves discovering and music.

We are so excited to have you as part of our team – a warm welcome, Sharon!

Start of first Workshop of Swarovski Waterschool Project

In mid-January the first workshop of the Swarovski Water School started, co-organized by TuTo Uganda. 52 TuTo beneficiaries from Nairika and 48 kids from TuTo Junior School in Busesa participate and learn about water, hygiene, sanitation and environmental conservation.

The Swarovski Water School aims to address global water problems through education and resource allocation. The work is based on three pillars:

  • access to safe water
  • water education
  • access to sanitation facilities

Since autumn we have been working with the Swarovski Water School to provide a sustainable water supply at the TuTo Junior School and to carry out community work on the issue “water”. With the start of the workshop organized by our TuTo member Geofrey Gonahasa a big step could be made in terms of awareness and education.

You can learn more about the Swarovski Water School project in the Netflix documentary “Waterschool”