Plans to reopen schools in Uganda – UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2021

Since schools in Uganda are not allowed to reopen until January 2022 according to official presidential statement we are planning to expand our private home-schooling program for all our students. 

In accordance with our social responsibility we have continued to pay our teachers during school closures and have already established private home-schooling for TuTo Junior School students. We would now like to expand that. In compliance with the necessary hygiene measures all of our students will now receive private teaching.

TuTo plans to hire several teachers temporarily who will teach our students separately, give them assignments and be available as contact persons. In doing so, we pay particular attention to the fact that the teachers have already been vaccinated. As already implemented for TuTo Junior School students, we would now like to offer home-schooling to all our students. We will be active especially in Fort Portal and in the village of Nairika. It is also intended to make it easier for the children and young people to return to school, once they are reopening. 

To all sponsors we would like to point out that all contributions will continue to benefit the particular sponsored child in full. If schools open again, tuition can be paid immediately as well as the necessary back-to-school support services can be provided right away, such as all school supplies (notebook, books, etc.), utensils for boarding school and any medical care. Additionally, the local team makes regular visits to the children and young people’s homes to check on their well-being during this challenging time. 

We thank all sponsors and supporters more than ever for their help. We will keep you informed about further developments! If you have specific questions about your sponsored child, please feel free to contact us.