Tugende Together is committed to supporting the children and adolescence of Uganda in their education. Through your support, we pay for school materials as well as tuition fees for those attending all levels of education.

Moreover, we help with accommodation, living expenses and health care costs to ensure that those in school have a suitable environment for studying and all the necessary tools to make it happen.An additional goal of Tugende Togethe is to make sure that children are not taken from their families; the goal is for them to remain with them while pursuing an education.

In several languages in Uganda (e.g. Rutoro, Luganda) “Tugende” means “Let’s go” and for us it represents the impulse to do something and to move something and “Together” symbolises the trans-border cooperation of our association. These positive, active, and dynamic concepts exemplify what we stand for, what we are striving for through our programmes.

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Thank you TuTo – the 2017’s greeting message from Uganda!


COVID-19 Facts Uganda (06/09/2020) - Find information about the lockdown, political decisions concerning educational topics and cases at a glance.
Food Distribution Prgoramme due to COVID19 (01/09/2020) - Even before Uganda’s first COVID-19 case was reported President Museveni ordered a national lockdown on March 18, 2020. Schools, kindergartens and boarding schools had to close down - including TUTO Junior School.
Time to celebrate! (19/01/2020) - It’s celebration time here! Congratulations Tusiime Solomon for passing highly in your last P7 exams!!
Celebration for education (05/12/2019) - Here are the pictures of our opening celebration in Uganda.{:}
Opening of the TuTo Junior School (23/11/2019) - On November 23 we celebrated the function to open TuTo Junior School in Uganda.
The countdown is on, … (15/09/2019) - The opening ceremony for our kindergarten is scheduled for the end of november. Some of the future daily visitors, already stepped by the place. 
Visitation Day (12/07/2019) - So glad to see those happy faces! Every Visitation Day (VD) is a great chance for us to talk to our kids, their hopes and sorrows and their plans for the future! 
Parents-time (08/03/2019) - Again some news from our sponsorship programme. We just visited some parents to strengthen the cooperation. We have to work together...
Tyrolean Grant for Develompent aid (21/11/2018) - Time to celebrate: our application for the Tyrolean Grant for Development aid suceeded. There would be no better time for this great news :){:}
Construction of our TuTo school started (14/11/2018) - It was a long journey, but yesterday our school construction in Busesa, Uganda started. We are very happy about the progress!