Cooperation on every level: TuTo Nairika Parents’ Association

In 2017 two dedicated parents (Mr. Ngobi Constantine and Mr. Lukongwa Fred) founded the “TuTo Nairika Parents’ Association”. Independently organized and highly committed there are already 43 parents that joined the association. Membership is open to all TuTo parents from Nairika and all members have become active in a variety of ways: 

For instance, the committee of the association informs and mobilizes parents in case of any meetings with schools or TuTo. They send representatives to attend school meetings and give feedback to the parents that needed to stay at home. Also, the TuTo Nairika Parents’ Association updates our TuTo Uganda team on any proceedings of our partner schools. While visiting schools the association organizes transportation for the children who need to go back or forth. Beside counseling of our beneficiaries, the association also plays an active role in doing shopping for the children during back to school times.The whole TuTo team is very happy about this great parent initiative and wants to say a big thank you for this wonderful cooperation!