Start of first Workshop of Swarovski Waterschool Project

In mid-January the first workshop of the Swarovski Water School started, co-organized by TuTo Uganda. 52 TuTo beneficiaries from Nairika and 48 kids from TuTo Junior School in Busesa participate and learn about water, hygiene, sanitation and environmental conservation.

The Swarovski Water School aims to address global water problems through education and resource allocation. The work is based on three pillars:

  • access to safe water
  • water education
  • access to sanitation facilities

Since autumn we have been working with the Swarovski Water School to provide a sustainable water supply at the TuTo Junior School and to carry out community work on the issue “water”. With the start of the workshop organized by our TuTo member Geofrey Gonahasa a big step could be made in terms of awareness and education.

You can learn more about the Swarovski Water School project in the Netflix documentary “Waterschool”