We introduce: our new chairperson of TuTo Uganda – Barbra Immaculate Namyalo

We are very happy to introduce you to our new chairperson of TuTo Uganda:

Barbra has been part of TuTo since the beginning and has already been the deputy chairperson of TuTo Uganda for six years. Since January 2021, she has now stepped into the management role as chairperson.

Barbra not only brings a great deal of experience to the table but above all she stands out for her friendliness, self-confidence, hard work, and visionary thinking. Barbra is a nurse by profession and the well-being of children is particularly close to her heart – this becomes e in her relentless work for TuTo Uganda. To her new position as chairperson she states:

„As TuTo Uganda we believe in changing lives of children and their families by helping them attain good education and it’s a great opportunity to be part of this journey.“

Thank you for the great work already! We are happy that you are our new chairperson now!