Uganda 2016

We want to highlight some of our activities of our latest journey to Uganda:

  • There was a lot going on this time, as the new school term started! We hat do buy backpacks, uniforms, mattrasses, etc. It was very exciting to see how well organized the Ugandan team was handling the different tasks!  Thanks for your good work!
  • Furthermore it was necessary to fence our building ground with 180 posts.
  • We also met with construction companies! Until now, we like HYT Uganda, a company that is producing interlocking bricks together with the local community.
  • To get a good picture we also visited similar projects and talked to the responsibles.
  • And last but not least: we also enjoyed the beauty of Africa! They call Uganda the Pearl of Africa, … and they are right 🙂
  • … und ganz zum Schluss muss man sagen: wir haben auch die Schönheit Afrikas genießen können. They call it the pearl of Africa, … They are right 😉

In the following we collected some impressions for you! Enjoy this short trip to Uganda 😉