Food Distribution Prgoramme due to COVID19

Even before Uganda’s first COVID-19 case was reported President Museveni ordered a national lockdown on March 18, 2020. Schools, kindergartens and boarding schools had to close down – including TUTO Junior School.

Because of these government decisions Tugende Together organised the transportation home for its kids. All children are now safe at home with their families.
These governmental measures resulted in serious social challenges. All public transportation stopped initially and the sale of all products, with the exception of food, was temporarily banned at markets. This has caused a loss of income for many Ugandans.

At the beginning of June public transportation started again with half passenger capacity and retail stores were allowed to reopen as long as customers can keep distance. Governmental discussions are continuing on the reopening of schools and the airport.

Few Ugandans have savings since most live on their daily income. The prices for staple foods have risen significantly. The state does not have the means to support its population with large aid packages. Most families are forced to cope with the situation on their own.

Tugende Together has therefore launched a Food Distribution Program to support those families that have been affected most by the measures. A total of 40 families were provided with food packages. During distribution everyone was very carefully to ensure that both the beneficiaries of the program and the employees of Tugende Together were not exposed to any risk of infection.

We say THANK YOU for the support from all sides!
We were able to help families who had to care for even more people than usual in their households because of the school closures.