Our goal is to enable children and youth to have a promising future after completing a good quality education. Thus we give them the key for such a bright future…


Our sponsorship programme connects YOU to children and youth in need and enables them to a promising future. This program also aims to help children stay with their families so that they stay connected with their relatives. The extent of the support depends on the individual situation and will be assessed according to the common standards.

By the beginning of 2016, we want to enable at least 50 children and youth to attend primary or secondary school. Where there is need, we also want to support young people to join university or to do an apprenticeship.


Our school will stand for high quality education in a rural area of Uganda. In addition to paying for school fees through our sponsorship programme, any additional donations will go towards helping other children from the surrounding community to attend classes.

A holistic approach guarantees the high quality of the education we provide and even teaches them life skills. During holidays the facilities will be used to host sport programmes and other workshops.

In 2017, we set the goal to start with our first primary class. After concluding the construction of the school, we will enlist qualified volunteers to help develop the project permanently.

Our goal is to enable children and youth to obtain a promising career after completing school. We want to give them hope for a bright future and believe a reliable and high quality education will be the key to this exact future. We acknowledge that all of the students who we will support will likely have different needs; therefore; we are committed to providing individual solutions. We hope this approach will motivate and encourage them to take on responsibility for themselves, their social environment and their futures.