Everybody has the right to education. It is the key to social equity. It avoids crises and conflicts, reduces poverty and strengthens the role of women. Additionally, people live healthier and are more likely to protect the environment.

Our aim is to help individuals; however, we believe our aims contribute to the larger issues and support whole communities overcome poverty


We support young people in Uganda on their course of education. Through our sponsorship programme we enable vulnerable children and youth to attend school. The school will provide valuable, high quality education. In addition, the individual development of each of our students is important to us and will be one of our greatest priorities.

Guiding Principle

We have set for organisation several moral, ethical and economical principles:

  • The collaboration with organisations with which we are partnering is will be based on mutal respect, transparency and confidence.
  • Our financial resources will be used sustainably.
  • The sponsorship programme will be transparent to our sponsors.
  • The relationship between students, teachers and other participants from the organisation will be one of solidarity, with both sides working towards the betterment and future of these children and loyal.
  • We are aware of the societal position that young women occupy in developing countries, so we are committed to working for their equality. Therefore, we will have balanced female representation on our board of directors as well as through the programmes themselves to ensure that girls have the same educational opportunities at large and real gender equality.

Furthermore, we voluntarily commit ourselves to a 100% transparency and provide access into financial details at any time on demand. Important to emphasize is the absolute traceability of the cash flow as well as our exclusive earmarking for development aid, which is also recorded in the legal basis of our association. Please refer to the german version for further details.