The Idea

Tugende Together is based on a true friendship between Geofrey Gonahasa and Manuel Lackmaier. Both desire to promote education in the impoverished areas of Uganda and support neglected children who are not afforded the educational opportunities that they deserve. Until the establishment of the organisations in Tyrol and Uganda many obstacles had to be overcome.

The Beginning…

In the year 2012 Geofrey and Manuel first met at Ibonde Children’s Home in Fort Portal, Uganda. Manuel participated in a volunteer programme and worked together with Geofrey to make the kids feel comfortable at the children’s home. The daily duties included fetching water, giving out meals, washing dishes and spending time with the kids. Both cared for the children and encouraged them to study hard. Manuel and Geofrey spent a lot of time together and built a friendship based on trust and mutual respect. Eventually, Geofrey opened up to Manuel and started sharing his background a bit at a time.

Geofrey always depended on other people who supported him in everything concerning school. This dependency throughout his life was a big challenge because it was constantly connected with uncertainty; often he had to worry whether he would be able to attend school or not. These circumstances greatly affected Geofrey and have fuelled his commitment to supporting vulnerable children with their education. He has always felt that children should never have to worry about their school fees as he did, but rather concentrate on studies instead.

First Achievements

Now, Geofrey and Manuel are committed to enable vulnerable children to attend school on a regular basis. Over the last three years they have given a number of kids the opportunity to join school, learn how to read and write and strive for a greater future. Education is the key to the positive development of any society which is why we want to guarantee as many children as possible the access to education.