Tugende Together is committed to supporting the children and adolescence of Uganda in their education. Through your support, we pay for school materials as well as tuition fees for those attending all levels of education.

Moreover, we help with accommodation, living expenses and health care costs to ensure that those in school have a suitable environment for studying and all the necessary tools to make it happen.An additional goal of Tugende Togethe is to make sure that children are not taken from their families; the goal is for them to remain with them while pursuing an education.

In several languages in Uganda (e.g. Rutoro, Luganda) “Tugende” means “Let’s go” and for us it represents the impulse to do something and to move something and “Together” symbolises the trans-border cooperation of our association. These positive, active, and dynamic concepts exemplify what we stand for, what we are striving for through our programmes.

TuTo significant numbers

Thank you TuTo – the 2017’s greeting message from Uganda!


Titelbild-merry-x-mas Merry Christmas from TuTo Uganda (23/12/2017) - We wish all friends of TuTo Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018! Your help, your support, your engagement enables our work in Austria and in Uganda! As a Thank You, we collected some Christmas greetings from Uganda for you!
DSC05809 Christmas – Workshop (16/12/2017) - Our sponsors in Austria will be surprised this year! During our visits in autumn, we created small Christmas gifts for them! One way, how the kids say Thank you to their sponsors!
22886335_1998693697032160_3717302933813224755_n School visitation day (01/11/2017) - The "Hands of Hope - Primary School" invited parents and relatives last week for a School Visitation Day! Right now, 50 kids sponsored by Tugende Together are visiting the primary school. Our sponsorship coordinator Dani, not only visited our kids, but also brought them presents from their sponsors, bed sheets, shoes and more!
Freunde - Spenden für Uganda TuTo Friendship (15/10/2017) - There is a new way to support our project! You want to be a TuTo friend and support our operative activities with 15€ / month?
Lass uns einen Zaun bauen Let’s build a fence! (01/09/2017) -
Verena, Desiree, Sven and Geoffrey planted trees around our construction site. The trees will build the fence.
calculator-385506_960_720 Financial Report 2016 (06/04/2017) - See the 2016's financial report at our download section and take a look on what happens exactly with your donations.

16265161_1869403223294542_7726072106557208344_n Under construction (21/03/2017) - After finishing two little cottages on our land in Uganda by the end of January, which serve for Samuel, guests and the construction work, the construction of our water hole started last week. However, water is not a matter of course in this part of Uganda, we are pleased to have found an appropiate source of water and to be able to provide water to our future students and teachers.
Max und sein Patenkind A present for your sponsored child (02/11/2016) - This year, sponsors have the great opportunity to send a personal gift to their sponsored children. As Manuel will be in Uganda in December he can deliver the presents to the children.
Tugende Together, Schulbau, Klassenraum Innen Impressions school (21/10/2016) - You are as curios as us when it comes to our school? Click yourself through some visualizations and see how the kids in Iganga will learn in the future 🙂
calculator-385506_960_720 Financial Report (31/08/2016) - Download the Financial Report 2015! Clemens has compared income and expenses. He also analyzed exchange rates and transfers to Uganda.